A prisoner’s diary in our hands, responsibility and memories in our hearts

by Angela Giannitrapani*

A picture of Angela Giannitrapani in Marsala, her birthplace, where she told about her book “Quando cadrà la neve a Yol – Prigioniero in India” (Tra le Righe Libri, 2016) making the audience touched about how the novel was born and the events of the story

What shall we do when we find a letter, a card, the diary of a person who’s no longer alive? We peep up at it, of course. Then we read it again more carefully and it happens that we might keep or break some ancient links. At least we wonder what to do: should we keep it aside, give it to someone else, or bury it again where we found it? I had all these sorts of thoughts. It happened with my father’s diary about his captivity during World War II. My sister found it and didn’t hesitate to show it to me. She read it immediately but it took me ten years before doing it. Continua a leggere