«How, after wandering about villas and houses, the police helped me to find my way back home»

by Mariagrazia Sinibaldi – from Gatineau (Canada)

 Mariagrazia during her stay in Canada

Mariagrazia during her stay in Canada. Our senior blogger wrote about her holidays in the book “È come vivere ancora”, cured by Paola Ciccioli and published by Associazione Donne della realtà

The number 17, as you know, is a despicable number: coward, untrue and traitor. What would it have cost it to stay home and wait for the return of the signora Vecchiottina whom, with her 80 (and counting) years of age, had decided to travel across the ocean for her granddaughters’ graduation, already eighteen years old, but for her, signora Vecchiottina, always her “PIZZIRICCHIA”, her sweetie pie. Besides, just across the ocean, his cousin 17 served as a good luck charm!

But no sir! Her 17, stealthily, maliciously, had glued himself to her, and had arrived with her in Canada and when best he pleased, not caring about the local customs, struck mercilessly…

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