Giuliana and the plastic transformed into jellyfish

by Paola Ciccioli


Here is the big jellyfish created by Giuliana Bellini, an artist who is very dear to me, for two reasons: the first one is that her studio gives onto the same courtyard I automatically overlook when smoking a cigarette. The second one is that Giuliana creates imaginative installations often using recyclable materials. As it happened in the case of this jellyfish with optical fibre tentacles and the body totally covered with a huge number of small strips made out, thanks to a patient use of a pair of scissors, of some mineral water bottles. By passing through Giuliana’s hands and imagination, a polluting piece of garbage – the water bottle normally destined to the recycling bin – got transformed into some kind of light lace that she eventually ennobled by illuminating it from the inside.


“Colonia di batteri numero 4” (“Bacterial colony n°4”) is the work that got Giuliana awarded first prize by the jury (sculpture section) at the national contest Art Prize 2016 in Novara, Italy

Sometimes I get to follow the different phases of the gestation of her works, sometimes I have a desire to knock upon her door to have a little chat but then I leave her alone to follow her creative design. Anyway, even when we do not make an appointment, it happens that she looks up towards my balcony and I look down, to the glass door of her studio. She needed, for a work she has to make inside the condominium, some pieces of sea glass, of those that can be found on the beaches between the seaweed, the stones and the shells. I brought her a small bagful of them, in a while I will see them decorating some space in our building where there already are two works of hers. I will show them to you.


On the left, the creation presented by Giuliana Bellini at the exhibition “sc’Arti in mostra”

works made of recyclable materials
Check our agenda “Oggi e dintorni” for further information, suggestions, and pictures of her uncon- ventional artworks




(Translated into english by Romain Valentino)

LATEST UPDATE: 6 November 2016


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